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Traffic and Safe Walking

North Star PTA, School Community Council, Staff and Administration have developed a new plan to increase student safety and traffic/parking solutions in the drop student safety and traffic/parking solutions in the drop student safety and traffic/parking solutions in the drop-off/pick-up areas of our school. We appreciate your cooperation in implementing and maintaining these changes.

North Star is a WALKING SCHOOL. Teach your children safe walking routes and habits, and allow them to walk to school whenever possible. Walk in groups, walk with friends, cross streets at crosswalks with crossing guards. To view safe walking routes click here.

TWO drop-off/pick-up areas are available: [1] Yellow curb in the circle driveway in front of the school, and [2] Yellow curb next to sidewalk in the main parking lot, southwest of the school. Parents are encouraged to choose one of the two areas. To view a map please click here

Drivers are not allowed to park anywhere in the circle driveway except designated parking stalls (whether they remain in the vehicle or not) before 8:15 a.m. or after 2:15 p.m. (12:15 p.m. on short days). The same rules apply to the yellow curb area in the main parking lot.

It's like the airport. The yellow curb is for loading and unloading only. If your child is not waiting at the curb when you arrive, you may need to leave the driveway and circle back around, possibly more than once. This is intended to avoid dangerous gridlock in the street and driveway. Parents are encouraged to arrange appropriate pick-up/drop-off locations in advance with their children, and CONSIDER OFF-SITE ALTERNATIVES (i.e. church parking lot, nearby corners, sidewalks located by crosswalks, etc).

Absolutely NO double/triple parking, passing or waiting. The driveway consists of three separate areas:

  1. Pick-up/drop-off at YELLOW CURB ONLY.
  2. Designated parking stalls.

No child should need to leave the sidewalk at all to get to his/her vehicle. Crossing streets or driveway exits without supervision/crossing guard, and having to dart between and in front of other vehicles is dangerous, unacceptable, and against the school Safe Walking Plan.

Safety of your children is our number one priority. Thanks for your help and cooperation in creating a safe, healthy and workable solution for everyone.