Safety-Parking, Pickup and Drop Off

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY – PARKING, PICK UP, AND DROP-OFF Traffic needs to MOVE QUICKLY THROUGH THE DRIVEWAY. Parents and guardians should REMAIN in the car. If you need to leave your vehicle please park in a designated parking spot or on the street. Encourage your children to walk to school. Fewer cars means fewer traffic problems. Studies show that students who exercise before school have more energy and an easier time paying attention. Walking is good for everyone!

Call or send a note when your student misses school!

After many unexcused absences we have to alert the truancy court. Please remember to excuse your student’s absence before this happens.

End of year testing window is Monday 03/27 to Thursday 05/25


Plan for your students to be here on time for these important assessments. Please do not schedule vacations, appointments, or anything that disrupts your student’s school schedule during this period.

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